Keep The Good Times Going

So you are keen to become an instructor, trainer or teacher of some sort, but your options are limited and you are seeking advice. Well, why not become an exercise with baby classes teacher? There is evidently a gap in the market for such instruction, and now is the time for you to seriously consider filling this gaping spot.

The odd pilates here and there is reasonably easy to teach, but when you want to bring it to being a full-time option and making a career out of it, you simply have to start taking all elements of the package seriously. People don’t have time or money to waste on half-baked instruction and shoddy teaching. The ramifications and repercussions will be both bad for the individual, you and the business.

First of all, you are going to need a place to do this from. As a relatively fledgling endeavour, you might want to consider clearing out a room in your place of accommodation and making this into a makeshift studio. The costs will be less, but be sure to find out if you are allowed to operate this pseudo business from the premises. You can’t simply stuff things into corners, the place needs to be neat and tidy. Remember, it’s not just the mom or the dad you will be looking after – but the health of the baby involved too.

An untidy room is going to put people off, and you are not going to get return business. You will be able to invite them back, but they are in no way, shape or form obliged to return – particularly if you don’t have a suitable contract in place.

You are going to need all the right equipment too. Don’t just think you can use whatever is lying around for your classes for and looking for post pregnancy exercise. This will require capital and investment, from your own pocket or from the bank accounts of investors. Trust and loyalty again will come into play here. You have to do this right, pretty much from the first move you make, and the aforementioned must feature as one of the first moves you decide to take. Bank loans are easy to come by, but keep in mind the high interest rates. You don’t want to run the business into the ground in the first month or two because you are committed to repaying a massive loan at incredibly high interest rates.

Just being kind and smiling throughout is not going to cut it. Paying customers are going to want bang for their buck – and if you don’t deliver properly, well then you may as well just go back to the proverbial square one, where your hopes and dreams of doing this were merely that – hopes and dreams. But you have this in you to make a success of it, so go do it.