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The Benefits

Back pain, bad posture, bad balance, belly fat, stiffness, rigidity; all of the above can be remedied with a simple exercise routine that focuses on core strength using only body weight. This kind of exercise is often recognized as being similar to yoga due to its somewhat relaxing, slow movement system. However, it can be an extremely strenuous workout as it is focused on building strength from within, from the core. You will never be out of breath after one of these workouts but you will sweat and you will be stiff the next day. It is a very precise type of exercise that not many people get right the first time. It requires concentration and experience to work to its full effect, which is worth it once you see and feel the results.


I am talking, of course, about Pilates. Because it is such a nimble workout system, it is advised that beginners attend Pilates classes in order not to overdo it or to injure themselves. This form of movement has many and more benefits. The most important thing one is supposed to take out of a routine is body-awareness. What is meant by this is that you are always aware of what parts of your body are doing what. If you are sitting at a computer and are inclined to slouch, you may have sat in this posture unconsciously before. After a few lessons, however, you will notice your body position and correct it by pulling your stomach in and your shoulders down. I do not think there is anyone who does not know that this form of exercise is at the top for core strengthening. Many individuals battle with belly fat and this kind of focus is the beginning to alleviating this. Not only will you work your core during training, but your body-awareness will cause you to keep stomach pulled back at all time, so your abdominals will getting stronger all day long. This kind of exercise is also obsessive about symmetry. Instead of working having leg day and chest day and abs day, you can work all your muscles at the same time with each and every session. This will allow all your muscles to be as strong as each other, creating bodily balance.

Pilates classes in Sydney CBD should also teach you that this and any exercise form is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Throughout the day, our minds race and this causes stress, fatigue, moodiness, and sometimes depression. Exercise and fitness teaches us to focus our minds on one thing alone for an hour each day. This allows us to clear out heads, so that we are able to have another productive day tomorrow. The release of endorphins also helps fight the stress, tiredness and depressions and anxiety that often come with a busy lifestyle. This is the perfect activity for those who have lives such as this. You will experience improved mental well-being. You will look better in everything you wear because of your supermodel-like posture. And you may even get the flat stomach you always wished for. And just as a side note, this goes for men as well as women.